ExomeIT Web Decelopment Service

Affordable Solutions for Building and Managing Your Online Presence

ExomeIT offers low-cost website development support for profit and non-profit organizations, providing affordable solutions for building and managing their online presence.

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ExomeIT BioDesign

Admin Control

Get more indexing score for your articles keywords available on Google search

Content Management

Article readers usually likes modern websites taht pages loades faster and have beautiful professional designs

ExomeIT BioDesign
ExomeIT BioDesign

Dynamic Event Pages

Now a days most of the readers likes to cite articles directly by downloading citations from the website

Memberships Management

Cited references inside the articles should interactive inside the reference section

ExomeIT BioDesign

Get all the features for your Journal in Budget

Our main priority is the journal owners interest. We keep our approach flexible and have a focus on journal functionality, better indexing technologies and modern user interfaces at an affordable price

The cost starts at $800

(Seriously, very low)

  • SEO Friendly
  • Modern UI
  • Organized Admin Panels
  • Citation Exports (Endnote, ris, text, bibTex)
  • Interactive Reference Section
  • Beautiful Dynamic Article Page