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Our team of expert designers work closely with you to create high-quality and accurate figures that effectively convey the key findings and message of your research.

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ExomeIT Biodesign
ExomeIT Biodesign
ExomeIT Biodesign
ExomeIT Biodesign
ExomeIT Biodesign
ExomeIT Biodesign
ExomeIT BioDesign

Custom Icons

Custom icons can greatly enhance the visual appeal and clarity of scientific manuscript figures, making it easier for readers to understand the key findings and message of the research. It can greatly improve the effectiveness of scientific manuscript figures and increase the chances of publication in reputed journals.

Unique Figures

unique figures can help to increase the visibility and impact of the research, contributing to the advancement of the field and the researcher's professional reputation. Furthermore, unique figures can also help to build the researcher's brand and reputation, differentiating them from their peers in the field.

ExomeIT BioDesign

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(Seriously, very low)

Publish your manuscript/books with:

  • High resolution figures
  • Good looking customs Icons
  • Unique design no copyright issues
  • Delivery within a short time
  • Revisions and midification untill publish
  • Different formats (Ai, eps, jpg, png)